Jackie Katanga

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Hello there! I’m glad you decided to stop by! Here you will find the things I literally live for. The crazy things that make life worthwhile. And of course the things that make me mad. I mean, what’s life if there’s not a little madness? I’d say: Not Life!

Please feel free to browse through the different categories. Though I’m the main author, I also feature other artists’ and creatives’ works, in the Art + Artists category.

 What would you like to know about me? My name is Jackie Katanga. I’m an artist. No paint though. No pencils, no crayons, none of that. My art is kinda different. Graphic Design. Photography. Music. Movies. Writing. And, Jewelry Design. As such, I am the Artistic Director at Jackie Katanga, my Brand, which offers the above services, as you’ve probably already guessed.

      I live in the dusty and loud city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, the home of the Rolex and the Bodaboda! I love to read, listen to good music and watch detective movies. Who Killed Captain Alex? I just had to ask!




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