Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
I find my self to be small.
To be not sure yet at all.
If I’m part or if I’m all.

Mirror, mirror on my dirty wall.
I have risen every time I fall.
But dirt it doesn’t wash out all.
Mistakes still haunt this hall.

Mirror, mirror on my far wall.
Maybe I’m myopic, or you blur it all.
Or I just don’t want to see all.
I can be part , l or I can be all.

Mirror, mirror on my aged wall.
The things I knew then, now not at all.
The memory fades when I try to recall.
How can I move forward, I’ve never been at all?

Mirror, mirror on my desperate wall.
Layers of makeup to hide it all.
Layers of fake up to please all.
I shall be who they want, that I shall.

Mirror, mirror on my scary wall.
I look into you, try to see my soul.
I back up, when my shadow falls.
The one I once knew, is not there at all.

Mirror, mirror on my sorry wall.
It’s me, you once knew this all.
That stands before you, all.
That was me, you must trace it all.

I fell away, and back I crawl.
To my mirror, mirror on the wall.
That reveals who I was, and all.
That I am meant to be, and shall.

Mirror, oh, mirror on the wall.
You’re constant, but I changed my all.
For all, gave all, for nothing at all.
But lies that I was only part; never all.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who’s the fairest of them all?
I say, none, none, none at all!
But you, who shows it all.

Because you see my soul, mirror on the wall!


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