Fall Away

10I heard you knock.
I heard you knock again.
I opened the door and I let you in.
I thought your visit was where life begins.
But in retrospect,
That’s where it ends.
You made yous self at home.
Cause its what you do.
I became the host, I waited on you.
I didn’t feel like it, but i listened to you.
I watched, i learned your every move.
I got a lot of respect for you.
I have seen a lot, but few could do what you do.
I asked you. You said I could trust you.
And to do otherwise would be a fool. Ish thing to do.
You had no restrictions. Had no rules.
You were free to roam the rooms.
Yeah. Even the master bedroom.
They warned me about you.
Gave me reasons to doubt you.
But I felt good about you.
Soon I couldn’t live without you.
There’s something about you.
I couldn’t explain it if I tried to.
But let me put it like this.
You went off suddenly like a canon ball.
Into everything as you bounced from wall to wall.
The mess you left in your wake if I was told.
About it I wouldn’t believe it at all.
But i wasn’t told.
I watched it all.
I watched as you ripped the paint off my wall.
As you punched my floor into  black hole.
As broke the furniture in the living room.
Like 5D action movie I saw it all.
Felt it all.
Heard it all.
Smelled it all.
And tasted the gall.
Tasted and tested and proved it all.
My life had begun to fall.
Little piece by big chunk by massive block.
And it all rushing back.
Who’s there?
I should have known the name was familiar.
I had heard it many times before.
But you are so charming, ain’t ya.
I did not really have a choice.
I should have looked away.
Shut the door and walked away.
Stayed away.
Because you would not go away.
But I made a choice.
And now I watch my life like a movie scene.
Slowly fade.
Slowly fall away.


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