Idol Minds

1-DSC_0115There is a one.
A one we know.
A one we know and love.
Love and admire.
A one we always want to be a part of.
A one in our ears.
In our faces. Basic every place.
A one on the radio.
The internet.
The news paper.
The magazine.
On the billboards.
And yeah.
The TV screen.
We hate all who hate him.
We love those who love him.
We like that facebook page.
And on twitter, he’s trending.
He is everything we want him to be.
Kind of a prince charming.
We lie awake at night.
Thinking about him.
We wake up.
To give him our attention.
Did I mention?
We have his picture.
As our screensaver?
Check your screen.

Where was i?
Oh. Yeah we fight over him.
Never lose sight of him.
Is our dream.
We lose our very lives trying to find him.
And when we do.
We bow down and worship him.
We become servants, he master.
He is god.
We are worshippers.
We sing his praises. Like.
But of course soon will end the era.
‘Cause we are never satisfied by what he has to offer.
A euphoria before the final crash.
And we are left empty.
Hungry and thirsty.
For more.
More of the same.
More of the cash.
More of the fame.
More of the fans screaming our name.
More of the cars.
More at the bars.
More than one kind of wine glass.
More backstage passes.
More girls in short dresses.
More powder.
But not for their faces.
More power.
More of the high status.
More of the same.
The same idol.
But lets rewind a little.
To a few thousand years ago.
That’s right, the Bible.
God in Isaiah 57:13 says.
Where are those idols.
That make you so  afraid.
They can not save you.
You rever them more than me.
But trust me.
You will live in the land.
Worship in my temple.


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