Fall In

The time is here.
The time is now.
The time has come for us to.
Leave everything that we are do.
Ing. And saying. And listening to.
For us to. Abandon.
Yes, abandon everything that we have been used to.
So that we can fall in. And listen.
To the one who. Gives us instruction.
And direction in what He has called us to.
Called us.
To a higher purpose.
Yes, we need His compass.
His word to guide us.
Because minus.
That then we are lost.
And everything for which we were bought at a high cost.
When on the cross. He gave up His ghost. Will be lost.
Ofcourse. He will find another.
Way to recover. His lost people.
Those who strayed. And those who stayed.
So far away.
And are deep in sin.
We keep seeing. Them each day. And wave in passing.
But at the end of the day we lose them.
If we don’t fall in.
Line and listen.
To instructions. Then the hard.
In our hearts.
Will be a factor. That leads to the vector. Multiplication.
Of the population.  Whose destination.
Will not be heaven.

We were called.
Saved by grace.
Not by our own doing.
But because someone fell in. Someone prayed. Night and day. That we be saved.
By the very same. Grace that has called us.
So let us.
Fall In.1-DSC_0323


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