The Promise

She walked to the window.
Stared out.
The dusk was fading.
Into the starless night.
Her candle flickered.
He was dying.
No. He wouldn’t survive.
She had known this day would come.
Had seen how deadly it was.
But never found a way.
And as he lay gasping for air.
Fighting for his life.
All she thought she could do now.
Was walk away.
Far away.
And never look back.

Her candle flickered.
Almost went out.
The time was drawing nigh.
She closed her eyes.
But then she heard his voice.
For the first time.
In over twenty years.
She came closer.
And closer.
Until she heard him whisper.
Soft but clear.
As her candle went out:
” Don’t let them die. Don’t let the others die. Promise me. Please promise me.”

His last words.
Resounded in her ears.
And she turned.
And ran.
Fast as she could.
Through the narrow streets.
Past the dirty gray faced children.
Whose candles flickered wildly.
Past the hopeless old people
Whose fires burnt low.
She ran.
And as she passed by.
She kept repeating her cry.
” I won’t let them die! I won’t let your dreams die!”


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