Stolen Goods.

I am a thief; this I know. But being this is all I know. After I came back from the war. I met a me I didn’t know. I always worked, for you, you know. I always did right by you, before. We were thrown apart by the war. That me loved you, loved us,I… Continue reading Stolen Goods.

Street Preacher.

” You are a witch!” Said the street preacher. “In church by day, by night, you’re in here. A double agent, that’s what you are! Come to repentance? That,I would never! For I would never betray my creed. Like you betray your Nicene. One foot holy, the other in sin. Even a witch has loyalty.”… Continue reading Street Preacher.

5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

  1 Because we love them. Not the cards. mean, yes we love the cards, but we love do much more the people we buy them for. 2 Because they love us. Yes, the cards. They say so much more than a thousand words and in so much less time. 3 To err is human… Continue reading 5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

10 Fascinating Reasons We Love Dianah

Dianah Christine Nagujja, commonly known as Dianah Deah is an extremely talented designer, who makes scarves/necklaces. Yes, I said scarves/necklaces. Because you can’t separate them. I recently asked her about them, and learnt much more than I had anticipated. Much more to love. She is Multitalented. “What don’t we already know about you?” Was the… Continue reading 10 Fascinating Reasons We Love Dianah