Kevin Art.

So I met Kevin in cell, he went to Ndejje SSS after I’d left. But I’m super mesmerised by his art. And here is why. You can find out more about Kevin on .     Advertisements

Street Preacher.

” You are a witch!” Said the street preacher. “In church by day, by night, you’re in here. A double agent, that’s what you are! Come to repentance? That,I would never! For I would never betray my creed. Like you betray your Nicene. One foot holy, the other in sin. Even a witch has loyalty.”… Continue reading Street Preacher.

5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

  1 Because we love them. Not the cards. mean, yes we love the cards, but we love do much more the people we buy them for. 2 Because they love us. Yes, the cards. They say so much more than a thousand words and in so much less time. 3 To err is human… Continue reading 5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

10 Fascinating Reasons We Love Dianah

Dianah Christine Nagujja, commonly known as Dianah Deah is an extremely talented designer, who makes scarves/necklaces. Yes, I said scarves/necklaces. Because you can’t separate them. I recently asked her about them, and learnt much more than I had anticipated. Much more to love. She is Multitalented. “What don’t we already know about you?” Was the… Continue reading 10 Fascinating Reasons We Love Dianah

Idol Minds

There is a one. A one we know. A one we know and love. Love and admire. A one we always want to be a part of. A one in our ears. In our faces. Basic every place. A one on the radio. The internet. The news paper. The magazine. On the billboards. And yeah.… Continue reading Idol Minds