Dark City

I know a dark, dark city. In the dark, dark city there’s a dark, dark street. On the dark, dark street there’s a dark, dark house. In the dark, dark house there’s a dark, dark room. In the dark, dark room there’s a dark, dark closet. In the dark, dark closet there’s a girl. A… Continue reading Dark City

5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

  1 Because we love them. Not the cards. mean, yes we love the cards, but we love do much more the people we buy them for. 2 Because they love us. Yes, the cards. They say so much more than a thousand words and in so much less time. 3 To err is human… Continue reading 5 Astonishingly Simple Reasons to Buy a Greeting Card

Professing Christians

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So I like to use other peoples photos as my profile picture on Whatsapp and I get asked why.
Let me just answer this question once and for all.
I like, no, admire these people, whether it’s a photographer who took his time and took the perfect shot, or a ballerina who spends her time horning her craft, or a graphic design, well thought of and executed, or a song that speaks deeply to me,
I have,I do and I will always put them up on my virtual wall of fame, because to me, these are heroes and heroines, they have overcome obstacles each so different from the next, each so focused not on the thousand reasons why it can’t happen, but the one reason it must, each fighting a constant battle between giving up on their dream to make extra money, our just because someone said you can’t make it.
Yes, they are good at what they do. Yes, they may not be professing Christians, tongue speaking, demon chasing, verse dropping christians, but, yes, they do glorify the Almighty when they excel in the fields God has placed them in, with the talents He has entrusted them with, and that in itself is an act of worship, according to Watoto Church founder Pastor Gary Skinner, another hero, and one who literally and in all aspects is a professing Christian, and Rick Warren, the author of the Purpose Driven Life.
So yeah, she may be wearing a leotard and nothing else because she is a gymnast,a ballerina or swimmer, and it’s ok. Because, like I say, that’s her line of work. She’s not going to wear a helmet and boots, just like nobody expects you to wear a suit to a construction site.
So, yes, I am a Christian, and I have values, but I’m not a simpleton, and dear brother and sister, hopefully, neither are you. So know your place, have your values, beliefs and practices, but have an open mind and heart, try to understand the rest of God’s creation who are not designed like you, and know that God saw that it was good. ( Genesis 1:4-25)