Sit With Me!

  My love, sit with me. For once, eat with me. Talk with me. Laugh with me. My love, live with me. My love, work with me. Plant with me, weed with me. Prune with me, harvest with me. My love, live with me. My love, sit with me. Grind with me, store with me.… Continue reading Sit With Me!

Before I Go.

You wake up before I know. Go to grind on the thresh floor. Millet, cassava, maize flour. You do all this before I go. And yet I still go. Pocketful of beans go sell,I go. Behind your back I pass,I go. You went to dig before I go. And yet I still go. To drink… Continue reading Before I Go.

Stolen Goods.

I am a thief; this I know. But being this is all I know. After I came back from the war. I met a me I didn’t know. I always worked, for you, you know. I always did right by you, before. We were thrown apart by the war. That me loved you, loved us,I… Continue reading Stolen Goods.

Don’t Shoot. Shoot to Kill.

Don’t shoot me just to maim me. Just to claim me. Don’t hurt me just to paint me. Just to frame me. Put me on your wall to see me. To feel me Wish that you had killed me. Don’t you dare come near me. Don’t come near me. I don’t know if you can… Continue reading Don’t Shoot. Shoot to Kill.

The Gate.

The gate stands tall and unrelenting between the baby and his destiny. The fact that the baby  will never know his parents serves only to increase the volume of his cries, a situation so hopeless, but nevertheless a mere disturbance to the plutocrats who live inside that gate. They’d much rather enjoy the peace and… Continue reading The Gate.

10 Reasons I don’t talk to you.

1. I have no idea who you are 😊 When we were growing up we were told to not talk to strangers. And what’s stranger than a random person on the street minding his own business? 2. I don’t speak your language Language barrier, the great force to reckon with. I don’t speak in grunts,… Continue reading 10 Reasons I don’t talk to you.

10 reasons to always carry loose change.

1. For self defense Let’s face it. In the city are no loose rocks, or sticks of anything to hit an attacker with, in case you need to. So, hold on to those coins, sweety. One day, you may need them 😊. 2. To keep your dignity There’s nothing worse than being caught in an… Continue reading 10 reasons to always carry loose change.