Sit With Me!

  My love, sit with me. For once, eat with me. Talk with me. Laugh with me. My love, live with me. My love, work with me. Plant with me, weed with me. Prune with me, harvest with me. My love, live with me. My love, sit with me. Grind with me, store with me.… Continue reading Sit With Me!

Before I Go.

You wake up before I know. Go to grind on the thresh floor. Millet, cassava, maize flour. You do all this before I go. And yet I still go. Pocketful of beans go sell,I go. Behind your back I pass,I go. You went to dig before I go. And yet I still go. To drink… Continue reading Before I Go.

Stolen Goods.

I am a thief; this I know. But being this is all I know. After I came back from the war. I met a me I didn’t know. I always worked, for you, you know. I always did right by you, before. We were thrown apart by the war. That me loved you, loved us,I… Continue reading Stolen Goods.

She Left On the Five O’clock Train.

She didn’t even tell me why. Was I to blame? Had I missed a sign As I played the game? Had she bluffed her way away from me? Or was I really the loser if this is a game. I could have sworn I had done my part. But then again, had I done enough?… Continue reading She Left On the Five O’clock Train.

The Gallows.

There I stood with my headphones over my ears, hoping the lord music would down our the sound of the shot, as well as the crowd that had gathered to watch. One would think I was being awarded, the way everyone was fussing. It was a sunny day. Birds were singing in the trees. But… Continue reading The Gallows.

Fall In

The time is here. The time is now. The time has come for us to. Leave everything that we are do. Ing. And saying. And listening to. For us to. Abandon. Yes, abandon everything that we have been used to. So that we can fall in. And listen. To the one who. Gives us instruction.… Continue reading Fall In