Stolen Goods.

I am a thief; this I know. But being this is all I know. After I came back from the war. I met a me I didn’t know. I always worked, for you, you know. I always did right by you, before. We were thrown apart by the war. That me loved you, loved us,I… Continue reading Stolen Goods.

Street Preacher.

” You are a witch!” Said the street preacher. “In church by day, by night, you’re in here. A double agent, that’s what you are! Come to repentance? That,I would never! For I would never betray my creed. Like you betray your Nicene. One foot holy, the other in sin. Even a witch has loyalty.”… Continue reading Street Preacher.

Fall In

The time is here. The time is now. The time has come for us to. Leave everything that we are do. Ing. And saying. And listening to. For us to. Abandon. Yes, abandon everything that we have been used to. So that we can fall in. And listen. To the one who. Gives us instruction.… Continue reading Fall In

Fall Away

I heard you knock. I heard you knock again. I opened the door and I let you in. I thought your visit was where life begins. But in retrospect, That’s where it ends. You made yous self at home. Cause its what you do. I became the host, I waited on you. I didn’t feel… Continue reading Fall Away

Idol Minds

There is a one. A one we know. A one we know and love. Love and admire. A one we always want to be a part of. A one in our ears. In our faces. Basic every place. A one on the radio. The internet. The news paper. The magazine. On the billboards. And yeah.… Continue reading Idol Minds