The Gate.

The gate stands tall and unrelenting between the baby and his destiny. The fact that the baby  will never know his parents serves only to increase the volume of his cries, a situation so hopeless, but nevertheless a mere disturbance to the plutocrats who live inside that gate. They’d much rather enjoy the peace and… Continue reading The Gate.

10 reasons to always carry loose change.

1. For self defense Let’s face it. In the city are no loose rocks, or sticks of anything to hit an attacker with, in case you need to. So, hold on to those coins, sweety. One day, you may need them 😊. 2. To keep your dignity There’s nothing worse than being caught in an… Continue reading 10 reasons to always carry loose change.

Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. I find my self to be small. To be not sure yet at all. If I’m part or if I’m all. Mirror, mirror on my dirty wall. I have risen every time I fall. But dirt it doesn’t wash out all. Mistakes still haunt this hall. Mirror, mirror on my… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror!